We specialize in Pay-Per-Lead, Pay Per Performance - Quality prospect generation for the financial industry.
We target nationwide producing a high closing ratio quality leads resulting in over 85% returning customers. All of our leads are exclusive and very high quality.
Exlusive Lead Generation


We are committed to the highest quality internet leads available.


We focus on growing your prospect database and generating more sales.
Tired of chasing paper leads around your office?
Automate your business and leads with our advance CRM lead tracking system that includes a custom email marketing system built into your software.
Introducing the Lead Canon® CRM lead tracking system.
No more sticky notes or paper leads to file. Lead Canon CRM was designed to help you close more deals. It tracks and dispositions each caller and allows for you to make custom notes that are saved for future follow up sales calls.
Custom disposition options (DNC, CALL BACK, SET APPOINTMENT, ETC)
Upload your leads using any version of Excel or equivalent
One click email marketing feature (instantly email your client)
Access Lead Canon from any computer, anywhere (with Internet connection)
Automates your entire sales life
Quality Lead Generation
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You will close more deals with our Lead Canon CRM tracking system.
Lead Canon CRM system
Try Lead Canon RISK FREE for 30 days!
If you do not like our CRM system we will cancel your membership.
Lead Canon - Innovating lead tracking technology.
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