Credit repair industry sales strengthened by
availability of hot transfer credit repair leads.
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Low Cost Solution LLC prides itself on being a no-nonsense lead provider. The company's goal is to nurture existing clients and cultivate long-term business relationships based on high quality credit repair leads plus a fair and honest business framework.

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We specialize in Pay-Per-Lead, Pay Per Performance - Quality prospect generation for the financial industry.


We target nationwide producing a high closing ratio quality leads resulting in over 85% returning customers. All of our leads are exclusive and very high quality.
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We are committed to the highest quality internet lead available.


Our leads are sold only up to three times besides - "Exclusive Targeted Leads". 100% non incentive based - fast delivery 24 hours.
Exclusive hot transfer credit repair leads offer credit restoration companies a simple way to save money, increase ROI, and improve employee morale.
San Jose, CA - July 23, 2009 - Lead generation and marketing specialist Low Cost Solution LLC announces the addition of hot transfer credit repair leads to its line of Business-to-Business marketing lead offerings. Now credit repair and credit restoration service providers have an easier, less expensive and risk-free way to contact interested prospects in getting their credit back on track.
A steady supply of quality hot transfer credit repair leads helps consumer credit counseling companies reduce or eliminate expensive and time consuming prospecting, cold calling, and lead generation efforts. Along with saving time and money, these credit repair leads help companies avoid the risk of violating outbound telemarketing laws. The steady supply of credit repair leads also increases staff morale by switching the campaign from stressful outbound calling to a more rewarding inbound campaign.
The ability to customize campaigns according to their clients' needs is a unique feature that's key to raising a client's conversion rates. Higher conversation rates translate into more sales at a lower cost per contact.  “LCSleads has invested an extraordinary amount of time and money identifying precise ways to reach consumers most in need of credit repair services,” according to Adis Pilavdzic, president and co-founder of Low Cost Solution LLC.
"We've leveraged that investment to develop a highly-targeted lead generation system. The system lets us transfer live prospects who call in response to our advertising directly to our clients who are waiting to answer questions and convert callers into clients," Mr. Pilavdzic added.
Interested credit repair and credit restoration business operators can learn more about receiving hot transfer credit repair leads by visiting

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