Maybe it's not what you are selling.
Maybe it's who you are selling to?
You've got a great debt reduction or credit repair service. Congratulations! In today's economy, youíre in a hot market.
Your brochures are ready; your phones are plugged in, and your web site is smokin'. But you're not making any sales. Whatís up with that?
Sounds to me like you have all the symptoms of "You built it but they're not coming" disease.
Today it can take hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise your visibility in a crowded marketplace where the average person is exposed to over 247 commercial messages per day.
If it's harder to get people to come to you, why not try going to them instead?
I'm talking about receiving a steady supply of credit repair leads, exclusive debt leads and hot transfer debt leads from a reputable lead supplier who invests their own time and money to find people who want to solve their credit problems.
When you buy your debt leads from a quality source, you eliminate the need to invest your own money in lead generation. You simply select from the suppliers available credit repair leads, exclusive debt leads and hot transfer debt leads based upon the debtor's demographics.
Now you've eliminated advertising costs, prospecting costs, and that dreaded cold calling task. With a list of quality warm leads, it's just a matter of using your sales skills to convert prospects to clients. And that's how smart people make money in this economy.
But watch out! There are bad actors in the bad credit leads business!
Not all sources for credit repair leads, exclusive debt leads and hot transfer debt leads are honest. Just like any other industry where demand exceeds supply, there are con-men who scrape leads from anywhere and falsely package them up as valuable bad credit leads.
That's not going to make you any money. But don't worry; it's fairly easy to spot those predators. Here's all you have to do:
Donít buy your credit repair leads, exclusive debt leads or hot transfer debt leads blindly.
Know Your Provider
Get in contact with the lead provider personally and talk to them. You'll quickly figure out if you have a hustler on the phone or if you're dealing with someone whose objective is not to make quick buck, but to grow with their clients and increase their ROI by integrating feedback and suggestions into the lead generation services youíre buying.
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