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Low Cost Solution LLC is not affiliated with, or cooperating in the promotion of, any websites or search engines listed above in text or link form on this publication. is Owned and operated by Google Inc, is owned and operated by Yahoo Inc. Both companies provide great products and services.
Best quality SEO services.
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Strategically positioned within the SEO industry, Low Cost Solution LLC was and is one of the first to successfully follow search engine marketing trends and implement only the most efficient seo strategies.
We are so confident in our abilities that we offer a money back guarantee on best quality SEO services.
If your chosen keywords do not appear on the first page of the search engine chosen by client,
Low Cost Solution will refund the entire amount in cash. Each keyword purchased is $49.99 and which will be refunded to you if the word does not perform or appear on the first page of the search engine chosen. When most SEO companies state, "there is no guarantee", we have adopted a pay for performance payment schedule.
20 Keywords 1st page ranking: $999
10 Keywords 1st page ranking: $799
5 Keywords 1st page ranking: $499
These keywords will appear on the 1st page of major engines.
Includes aggressive lead capture page and targeted friend requests for your industry based upon your personal criteria. - - -
Special requests such as linked in and other sites also available.
Cost: $199 per social website of your choice
(Includes search engine optimization)
Send up to 5 million emails per month.
Use our targeted email leads or upload your own list free.
5,000 emails sent: $49
10,000 emails sent: $79
50,000 emails sent: $149
100,000 emails sent: $199
500,000 emails sent: $399
1,000,000 emails sent: $649
All email blasting conforms to spam free laws and opt out.
30 second starter commercial package: $249
30 second basic commercial package: $349
30 second advanced commercial package: $549
Must provide phone verified accounts at cost of $3.99
We will post up to 50 ads per day on craiglist or backpage
50 ads per week cost: $39.99 (Eighty cents per ad)
100 ads per week cost: $69.99 (Seventy cents per ad)
200 ads per week cost: $89.99 (Sixty cents per ad)
We look forward to helping you decide which product or service best suits your companies need.
You can rest assured to receive best quality SEO services.

Our quality SEO services have been designed to produce results, increase web presence and increase sales while reducing marketing expense with best quality SEO services.
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